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Jacaranda offers the following specialized services to you:

Rentals Luxurious villas with swimming pool deprived within a green and very calm framework while you benefit from the slowness of the life in Provence, where the sun is shining 300 days per annum.

Management Hiring and maintenance of your property in Provence.

Sale Individual villas, dwellings and apartments in Provence.


In the Provence the sun rises twice:
once in the morning and once after the siesta!

Luc Huys
Tél : + 33 (0) 6 24 69 46 09

Koen Hanssens
Tél : + 32 (0) 475 60 60 04


We speak English. Assistance possible during your stay.

114A Montée des Oliviers
30650 Rochefort du Gard

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